MCGS Products

SWAQS : Satellite-derived Water Quality Status for the Water Framework Directive (WFD) of the European Union

VISIOPE : Operational Visibility

INTERPSPM : NTERpolated Products of Suspended Particulate Matters

Products and services

MCGS is preparing marine services of the future GMES Sentinel missions. Products and services will be presented during the project lifetime when ready.

In the meantime, have a look at existing remote-sensing services based on past and current space missions:

  • Operational monitoring of marine water quality: MarCoast GMES services

marcoastNear real-time surveillance of water quality parameters and algae blooms

Water quality indicators on eutrophication to support the implementation of conventions, like HELCOM, BARCOM & Black Seas commissions, PAM, ...

Read the MarCoast brochure





  • Detecting icebergs for safer navigation:

icebergCLS provides the service today using a combination of space techniques for the detection of icebergs. 

Read more about this service





  • Operational oceanography and forecasting services:

avisoRead more about altimetry applications on the Aviso portal






  • Wind, waves and currents services:


SAR wind products

SAR waves products

SAR current products

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