MCGS aims at making the most of Sentinel satellites potential for creating added-value marine applications and economic return


Objective of the project is two-fold:

  1. Develop satellite-based oceanographic services through dedicated processing centres, complementary to the Sentinel core services, in a collaborative approach with ESA and EUMETSAT
  2. Build a competitive business for marine/coastal markets driven by industry



MCGS will complement the PDGS-Core Ground Segments of the European Space Agency by non-ESA funded functionalities:

  • Supplementary access to Sentinel Missions marine data, i.e. through specific data acquisition & delivery mechanisms (e.g. Quasi-Real-Time, direct downlink),
  • Distribution of specific data products inferred from measurements of the ocean colour, topography and surface roughness, and specialized information based on the data processing, id. L2 to L4, for national and regional maritime & oceanographic applications, id. primary production, winds, waves & currents,
  • Provision of downstream services for:
    • Maritime security and safety
    • Civil protection
    • Ocean’s, coastal zones’ and littoral settlement (optimisation of usages and management of common resources)
    • Plus various industries’ support: aquaculture, fisheries, renewable energies such as offshore wind farms, gas and petrol production, leisure, etc.